Mudra premium


MUDRA PREMIUM optimises the fruit set process by combining seaweed extract, phosphorus and trace elements. The high phosphorus content ensures that the crop’s increased demand for this element during the fruit set phase is met.

The Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract provides natural plant growth regulators such as auxins, cytokinins, uronic acids and enzymes, thus ensuring a high degree of fruit set even in unfavourable periods for the crop.

MUDRA PREMIUM also supplies the macro and microelements essential for optimal fruit formation, such as calcium, magnesium and molybdenum, so that the fruit can develop without deficiencies that might provoke malformations.

Application and dose

Packaging availableBote 0.5 KgBote 1 KgBolsa 2.5 KgCubo 3 Kg
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