Molibor extra


Function: Flowering · Boron supply · Molybdenum supply   Components: Boron · Molybdenum

MOLIBOR EXTRA stimulates the early onset of pollen and improves its quality, thus producing a greater quantity of high-quality, more viable flowers.

The flowers are made more attractive to pollinators, which attracts auxiliary fauna and favours its permanence on the crop. Furthermore, the application of MOLIBOR EXTRA reduces abscission and therefore enhances the setting process.

MOLIBOR EXTRA contains molybdenum and boron, and so its application can correct deficiencies of these elements. The boron is supplied gradually, thus minimising the risk of phytotoxicity.

Application and dose

Packaging availableBote 0.5 KgBote 1 KgBolsa 3 Kg
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