Meristem ripening


Function: Fruit ripening · Supply of N, P, K   Components: Phosphorous · Nitrogen · Potassium

MERISTEM MADURACIÓN is an NPK formulation for foliar application. It has a high content of potassium, which promotes fruit ripening. This supply of potassium enhances fruit quality, size, colour and flavour, and strengthens the skin, thus facilitating its transportation and storage. In addition, the product contains 5% EDTA, which facilitates nutrient absorption.

MERISTEM RIPENING is produced using high-quality raw materials, thus ensuring maximum solubility in water and absorption by the plant, thus achieving a rapid, efficient response. Moreover, its foliar application avoids potential problems such as leaching or antagonistic interactions among nutrients.

Application and dose

Packaging availableSaco 5 KgSaco 15 Kg
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