Function: Potassium supply   Components: Nitrogen · Potassium

KAKUN is a liquid fertiliser with a high content of potassium in carbonate form. Its application during the ripening stage of the fruit boosts the colour change and helps increase the amount of sugar in the fruit, by promoting the synthesis of sugars and oils and their accumulation in the reserve organs.

Thus, the application of KAKUN helps increase the quality and size of the fruit and improves its colour and flavour. Potassium supplementation also strengthens the skin of the fruit, facilitating its transport and storage.

The product also incorporates the chelating agent EDTA, which facilitates the penetration of potassium into the plant.

Application and dose

Packaging availableBotella 1 LGarrafa 5 LGarrafa 10 LGarrafa 20 L
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