Kafom Mg


KAFOM Mg is a plant defence enhancer based on magnesium phosphite.

The application of KAFOM Mg makes crops more resistant to oomycete pathogens such as Phytophthora spp. and Pythium spp., by disrupting their metabolism, by promoting the synthesis of phytoalexins in the plant, with an antimicrobial effect, and by activating stress response systems in crops. By these mechanisms, KAFOM Mg prevents the symptoms caused by infection by these pathogens, such as plant rot or watersoaking, which prevent the proper development of the crop and decrease yields.

Magnesium phosphite is a source of magnesium for the plant. In addition, phosphites exhibit high systemic capacity, increasing the absorption and distribution efficiency of magnesium in the plant. As a result, the application of KAFOM Mg prevents the physiopathies caused by magnesium deficiency, such as leaf malformation and chlorosis, which reduce crop yield.

Application and dose

Packaging availableBotella 1 LGarrafa 5 LGarrafa 10 LGarrafa 20 L
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