Istarka Mg


Function: Magnesium supply   Components: Magnesium

ISTARKA Mg prevents or corrects magnesium deficiency, by foliar application. Magnesium is one of the constituents of chlorophyll, and so it is actively involved in photosynthesis. It also takes part in phosphate metabolism and in numerous enzyme systems. The application of ISTARKA Mg prevents physiopathies related to magnesium deficiency such as leaf malformations and chlorosis, which reduce crop yield.

The magnesium content of ISTARKA Mg is complexed by lignosulphonates, natural molecules derived from lignin, containing sugars that facilitate the product’s penetration into the plant without causing phytotoxicity.

Micronutrients that are complexed by lignosulphonates are highly stable against photodegradation, and so ISTARKA Mg can be applied by foliar application while maintaining full effectiveness.

Application and dose

Packaging availableBotella 1 LGarrafa 5 LGarrafa 10 LGarrafa 25 L
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