Plant defence enhancers

inductores-de-defensasPlant defence enhancers are based on phosphorous acid salts such as potassium phosphite, magnesium phosphite, zinc phosphite or calcium phosphite.

Phosphites have a powerful effect against pathogenic microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria or oomycete, which provoke symptoms such as plant rot and watersoaking.

This effect is due to different forms of action. In general, the application of phosphites promotes the formation of phytoalexins, antimicrobial compounds that are produced by the plant in response to a pathogen and which help limit its spread, and, for some particular pathogens, causes dysfunction in specific metabolic processes.

Their application also activates the genes involved in the plant’s response to stress. Thus, under favourable conditions, the KAFOM products provide the plant with greater resistance to pathogen infection.

Phosphites are rapidly absorbed by plants, whether applied by foliar spray or by fertigation. Once they have penetrated the plant, thanks to their high systemic capacity, they are conveyed throughout the plant tissues, providing efficient distribution and assimilation of chemically-bonded nutritional elements.

In order to optimise each application, Meristem has developed a range of products based on phosphites that supply the nutritional elements that are essential for the proper development of the plant.