Collaboration, the cornerstone of our growth

la-colaboracion-01At Meristem, we believe in the power of collaboration with our distributors and agents.

The distributor plays a vital role, particularly concerning our special products. For this reason, Meristem always strives to have the best possible partners.

At Meristem, we establish long-term partnerships around the world. Our team works hand in hand with distributors and agents in every market, supporting them throughout the process of market development and providing training and technical support. Only thus can we maximise the potential of our products and ensure the success of crops and harvests.

We are well aware of the enormous diversity of life on our planet, where every corner presents different climates, soils and cultural conditions. Accordingly, we must adapt to meet the specific needs of each country and develop solutions tailored to each market. Because different agricultural practices require different solutions.

In conjunction with our distributors and agents, we are present in more than 20 countries, with a shared goal: to work together for growth.