At Meristem, we are constantly attuned to the needs of our customers.

As soon as our staff detect a possibility for improvement or of creating useful new products, we activate a perfectly-coordinated system, in which the various company departments work together closely and remain in constant communication.

i+d+iIn the R&D+I department, our chemical and agricultural engineers are well acquainted with the latest scientific and technological advances in their work to develop innovative products.

The R&D+I department has a laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art technology to produce radical new formulations.

We also have our own experimental crop fields, in order to study and analyse products in development and ensure that they reach their full potential before being placed on the market.

All our products are thoroughly field tested for stability and effectiveness, to meet the stringent quality standards that Meristem guarantees its customers. Only tried-and-tested products are incorporated into our catalogue.

In our ceaseless quest to explore new development opportunities, we have established partnerships with universities and leading research centres such as the Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research and the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and in addition we collaborate with producers around the world.