instalaciones-01Meristem carefully supervises all stages of the production process and in each one strict quality controls are applied.

Meristem deals exclusively with suppliers of the highest quality raw materials, and each component is tested before being stored.

Our offices are located beside the factory, thus enabling rapid, effective communication. Delivery times are minimised and we offer great flexibility. Production can be adapted to match the quantities and solutions required and we can even provide made-to-measure formulations.


In our aim to address all stages of the process, we also provide an excellent after-sales service, reducing the distance between customer and manufacturer and thus offering the best possible service, from the laboratory to your crop field.

To this end, Meristem has a full range of facilities, including:


  • An innovative production plant for solid and liquid fertilisers, with fully automated packaging lines, spanning the entire production process to packaging and labelling.
  • Warehouses for raw materials and finished products.
  • A laboratory equipped with advanced technology, to carry out stringent quality controls and develop new products.
  • Our own crop test fields, to ensure that we offer the most effective solutions to meet growers’ needs.
  • Integrated management tools, ensuring full traceability.
  • Offices for administrative, logistic and commercial support.