Experts in plant nutrition

expertos-en-nutricion-vegetalFounded in 1984 and located in one of the most important agricultural areas in Spain, Meristem has 30 years’ experience in plant nutrition.

Over all these years, Meristem has made transparency one of its core values. This has allowed us to gain the trust and respect both of our clients and of our competitors in this industry.

Our long experience, combined with the dynamism and the goal of excellence shared by our expert staff, is the driving force that allows us to adapt and prosper in this constantly-evolving market.

Meristem offers solutions to address all kinds of nutritional needs and to ensure vigorous, healthy plant growth, capable of withstanding stressful situations throughout the growing season, from preparing the soil prior to replanting until the crop is harvested.

Our products maximise performance at every stage of plant growth. Because we know that every moment is crucial to ensuring the quality of the crop.

Our goal is to provide effective solutions for any need that may occur during the growing season. To do so, we have one of the most comprehensive catalogues of plant nutrients in the market, including:

  • Biostimulants
  • Soil conditioners
  • Enhancers of plant defences
  • Correctors
  • NPK fertilisers
  • Optimisers of phytosanitary treatments