Clever Evolution

Clever Evolution has come to be our motto, as the philosophy that has guided Meristem all these years. We evolve, but cleverly.

From their earliest origins, humans have used the resources of the earth for food. Over time, humankind has evolved, and so has the way in which natural resources are exploited.

Today’s agriculture has undergone many changes and must face an increasing number of challenges. In an overcrowded world, simple products are no longer enough. All our ingenuity must be employed to design ever more sophisticated products to keep agriculture moving forward and satisfying our needs. At the same time, this new form of agriculture must respect the environment, so that our planet can continue to feed future generations.

Today, more than ever, human intelligence is playing a vital role in helping nature meet our most basic necessity: to feed ourselves.

We will continue to evolve, but we can no longer do so blindly. This is our small contribution to evolution: clever evolution.